AlinO Gard Waterproof Membrane

AlinO Gard Waterproof Membrane

The AlinO-Gard, the waterproof membrane, is an excellent 8 mil thick and 3-ply (core material polyethylene is sandwiched between polypropylene from both sides) moisture barrier. This eco-friendly membrane, with its intrinsic anti-fungal properties, inhabits mold, vapor and mildew formation on the reverse side of the shower walls. It is lightweight and flexible and offsets crackbridging and decoupling. The membrane is marked with gridlines and facilitates easier and faster cutting. AlinO-Gard is approved as per ANSI 118.10 and the Perm rating is 0.051 as per ANSI E96 Procedure E and it is considered best in the industry.

Waterproof Band + Preformed Inside Corner + Preformed Outside Corner + Pipe Seal : These AlinO waterproof accessories made of AlinO Gard waterproof membrane and are essential components to make the Shower System completely watertight. These helps ensure the protection of the shower or bath area surroundings from mold and mildew formation. The thickness of these accessories is 4 mil ANSI 118.10, and the Perm rating is 0.20 as per ANSI E96 Procedure.

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