AlinO-Backer Board

AlinO-Backer Board

AlinO-Duralite Board is a tough, flexible, and lightweight. It is an excellent alternative to traditional wall at shower, sauna, and any wet area where waterproofing and vapor barrier is an absolute necessity to protect your home from mold and mildew formation .

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  • Installation Instructions


  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Corrosion, fungi, rot, chemical and moisture resistant.
  • Sound and vibration dampening.
  • Engineered raw materials for higher performance.
  • Uniform and uninterrupted cell structure throughout entire sheet.
  • Integral and thermally fused facings for optimal adhesion.
  • Nonwoven surface is compatible with most Mortar.
  • Recyclable.

Installation Instructions

1. Apply AlinO-Seal at the Hinged-opening of the Folded AlinO-DuraLite Board and unfold (180 degree) so a solid whole (48” x 64”) is formed

2. All vertical seams must end on a stud

3. Customize size with a saw or an utility knife as required

4. Ensure all stud surfaces are wiped-clean

5. Adhere DuraLite Board by applying AlinO-Seal against the stud frame and anchor with AlinO-Fasteners at the four corners

6. Use DuraLite Board fasteners at every 12 -to- 16 inches at the joint between two boards. (Note: Do not use any fasteners on the body of the board

7. Fastener screws must be countersunk, and all joints must be sealed with AlinO-Band before tilling tiling