AlinO drain

AlinO All-in-One Multipurpose Drain System

‘Two-in-One’ designer Stainless Steel Grate & Tile insert feature to fit with all standard. Tile thicknesses.

Multipurpose connector for standard. 2”/3”/4” ABS/PVC drain outlets.

Height & Horizontal adjustable feature ensure the grate and tile layout fit secured and correctly.

SS cap Insrert Drain Grate Holder for better aesthetic and longevity.

Integrates with Sloped AlinO®-Shower Tray or mortar base for watertight bonding to AlinO®-Gard Waterproofing Membrane.
SS/Tile Insert Grate
Grate holder
Height/Lateral adjustable ring
Drain body 3”/4” pipe outlet
2” Adapter
SS/Tile Insert Grate

Drain Features
Pipe Outlet Options (4/3/2 inch)3 in1
Height adjustable option Yes
Lateral adjustable optionYes
More secure through screwingYes
Grate holder with SS cap for look/longevity Yes
2 in1 SS drain grate with tile insert2 in 1
2 in 1 ABS/PVC outlet options2 in 1
2 in 1 Stainless Steel Grate for Resid. & Commercial2 in 1