AlinO Linear shower system is ideal for curb-less shower of large format tile.

You can make all most any size of shower with Pre-sloped AlinO Linear Shower Tray.

AlinO Linear Drain available in 'Two-in-One' designer 304 Stainless Steel Grate & Tile insert feature to fit with all standard Tile thicknesses.

Perfect fit for 2" drain outlet, 2" No Hub Coupling (Not included in the box) is required.

Height adjustable feature ensure the grate and tile layout fit secured and correctly.

Integrates with Sloped AlinO Linear Shower Tray or mortar base for water tight bonding to AlinO Gard Waterproof Membrane.

Pre-sloped AlinO Linear shower tray bonded with AlinO Gard water proof membrane for easy, faster and perfect shower tile installation. No need for heavy and time consuming mortar base.

AlinO Linear shower tray is available almost in any sizes for wall drain, center drain and off-set drain application.

AlinO®-Linear drain width: 2.75".

Available Length: 24", 30", 42" and 54".

Finish: Nickel, Bright Clear and Black.

AlinO®-Linear Tray Sizes:
36"x87.5" All-In-One Linear Shower Tray for Off-Center drain.
36"x60" Linear Shower Tray for Wall drain.
36"x60" Linear Shower Tray for Center drain.
48"x60" Linear Shower Tray for Wall drain.
46"x60" Linear Shower Tray for Center drain.
60"x60" Linear Shower Tray for Wall drain.
60"x60" Linear Shower Tray for Center drain.
12"x60" Incremental Linear Shower Tray Extension with drain channel body.

AlinO®-Linear Shower Kit Components:

'Two-in-One' AlinO Linear Drain – 1 Set.

Pre-sloped AlinO® - Linear Shower Tray - 1 Set.

AlinO® - Gard Waterproof Membrane – 12.5 Square Mtr.

AlinO® - Inside Corner – 2 pcs.

AlinO® - Outside Corner – 2 pcs.

AlinO® - Pipe Seal - 2pcs.

AlinO® - Band – 5"x 12.5 mtr.

Tools required:

5 gallons bucket.

Mixing paddle and Power drill.


UtilityKnife (orscissors).

¼"x3/16" (6mmx5mm) V-notched trowel.

Proper trowel to set the tiles level.

Materials Required:

Modified thin set mortar.

2" No HubCoupling.

ABS/PVC pipe (small pc.).


Masking tape.