AlinO Shower tray & Accessories

Pre-sloped multipurpose shower tray for easy and perfect shower tile installation. No need for heavy and time consuming mortar base. One Shower Tray can convert into almost any Standard. size shower base like:
60" x 60" OR
48"x48" and CURB OR
32"x60" and CURB

AlinO Shower Tray Features
Tray Size: 48 inch x 48 inchAll in One
Tray Size: 32 inch x 60 inch All in One
Tray Size: 60 inch x 60 inch All in One
Shower Curb Size: 60 inch - 108 inch All in One
Grooved for Easy cut Yes
Packaging Size 20%-80% less
Continuous overlap interlockLeakage proof
Pre-slope, easy water flow & standing2%