AlinO Shower Niches

AlinO Stainless Steel Niche

Give your shower a clean minimalist look while keeping it organized with AlinO Shower Niche. AlinO Niches are 4-inch-deep designed to be built-in to the wall and offers uncluttered storage for your bathroom products such as soap, shampoo bottles and other accessories. AlinO Niches are made from High Density, Elastomeric Polystyrene (EPS) and bonded with AlinO-Gard waterproof membrane. AlinO Niches are waterproof and ready to tile. They are lightweight, durable, antifungus and mold resistant. AlinO Niches are 4" thick and designed for 2" x 4" walls with 1/2" Backer Board. AlinO Stainless Steel Niche: Its chrome finish allows for easy installation and does not need to be covered by ceramic tiles. For even more discreet storage, add more than one to your wall.

Total dimensions: 13-3/8" (340mm) x 13-3/8" (340mm) x 4" (100mm)

Embeddable dimensions: 12" (304mm) x 12" (304mm) x 3-11/16" (94mm)

*Take note that this niche is installed on the surface of the wall. Therefore, it is important to consider the thickness of the drywall and the wall covering (tiles or other) to correctly evaluate the actual depth that will be occupied by the niche inside the wall.

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1. 12-in x 12-in

2. 12-in x 20-in

3. 12-in x 20-in with adjustable glass shelf

4. 12-in x 12-in stainless steel

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